Millions of Dollars Lost - Time for Change


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Last year was brutal for the cannabis industry in general, but nowhere as much as the publicly traded cannabis companies in Canada. What started out as a booming industry where there seemed to be no ceiling to the amount of money being poured into, and spent by Canadian cannabis companies, ended with a swift dose of reality that growth for the sake of growth, might not have been the best path forward! As the giants continue to eat the promises they made to their investors, Colby McFadden and I discuss the next phases these companies will be going through.

3 Important Takeaways:

  • As we have spoken about in the past, there is healthy skepticism to be had in companies that go public before they have established a solid operational foundation, quality products and a dedicated customer base
  • As is on the outside, so is the inside - did the executives know anything about cannabis? Did they have a solid track record in a highly regulated industry(OUTSIDE OF FINANCE)? Did they have cannabis advisors with solid track records?
  • As the publicly traded companies shed the cowboy CEO’s, it’s time to call in the cleaners with strong operational backgrounds, to clean things up and restructure before it’s too late.

Guest Bio and Social Media Links:

Colby is a 22 year veteran of the financial services industry working with many of the largest institutional and private investors. As CEO of Quiver Holdings LLC Colby has provided strategic guidance to private companies throughout their capital raising campaigns. Colby has been educating and managing investors and entrepreneurs on all subjects related to finance and investing. Prior to Colby's focus on investment banking and corporate structure he was a top producing branch manager for some of the largest regional and independent broker dealers with an emphasis on branch expansion and post merger integration.

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