65: Queer Love Letters Thru History


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How far have we come when it comes to being allowed to love whom we love, and to tell them we love them?
This project features 3 moving love letters written by real-life queer personalities from the very distant past.
“How sweet a thing it is for a strong healthy man with a woman’s eye and a child’s wishes to feel that he can speak to a man who can be if he wishes father, and brother and wife to his soul.” (1872) The first is a letter written by a 24-year old Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, to his literary idol Walt Whitman, author of Leaves of Grass. The letter remained unsent for four years. Finally, on Valentine’s Day of 1876, Stoker mustered enough courage to send said letter to the older Whitman.

“When I remember the kisses you gave, and with what words of joy you caressed my little breasts, I want to die as I am not allowed to see you.” (12th Century) The second is a hauntingly beautiful love letter written by one medieval 12th Century nun to another. Their passions have transcended the ages. This was initially published in the second edition of “Medieval Latin and the Rise of the European Love-Lyric,” compiled by Peter Dronke, 1968.

“You came to me to learn the Pleasure of Life and the Pleasure of Art. Perhaps I am chosen to teach you something much more wonderful: the meaning of Sorrow, and its beauty.” (1896) The last selection contains excerpts from the letter "De Profundis" which Oscar Wilde wrote to Bosie (Lord Alfred Douglas) from prison. It details the nature of their relationship and that "infamous" letter which Wilde sent to his young lover which fell into the hands of a pimp and was used by Bosie’s father to blackmail Wilde. This eventually contributed to Wilde’s conviction on charges of "gross indecency" and two years' imprisonment.
(Trivia: Bram Stoker strongly identified with Oscar Wilde as well and eventually entered into a 'sexless marriage' with a woman once courted by Wilde.)

CityBuoy, host, The Stories I Wish You Heard Podcast
Timmy General
Special introduction by Ms. Freya Booth

Excerpts from Wilde, O., & Ross, R. B. (1905). De Profundis. London: Methuen and Co.
I Am A Girl Who Wants Equality by Marsha Ramroop’s daughter

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