tripping balls.275 The conceit (drink) of the aesthetic (drink)


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This week: new albums from Tigercub, Troy Kingi and an Asian fusion experience from TEKE::TEKE. Also: putting the production meeting in the podcast, soft centres, disproportionately large riffs, cheer up, be still, flat spots, wall-to-wall Mumford, yes Beeso is listening in reverse track order again, death (death), banger afterthoughts, decolonising our history, if you don’t like this wait six months, this is not Guitar Wolf, shining lights on the hill, ‘well that’s a thing’ isn’t an arts review, white Kayne and/or Konye fans, third person bios, 1.15 listeners, this is your captain howling like a dying banshee, act now, two white guys sitting in a basement, being taught by TISM, editorial decisions by the production team, getting nailed in the bits, clouds of chloroform, the decline of clubland, Roofers Du Sol, poncing about in the loungeroom throwing shapes to old man bands, #yourwelcome, school punishment, and accidentally inventing things.

Next week: new albums from Greentea Peng, Red Fang and a limited-time offer from SAULT. Recent review albums are in our current album review playlist on Spotify, with earlier stuff in our 2021 review archive, along with our 2021 tripping balls mixtape featuring our favourite tracks from new albums we’ve reviewed this year. The full list of all the albums we've ever featured on the show and Beeso's playlist for his boys are also available elsewhere on the internet. BALLS and tripping balls are available on their own RSS feeds, as well as being found together on Omny Studio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts (feel free to subscribe, rate and review) - and we welcome your reckons via Twitter, Facebook and email.

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