BALLS.298 The natural enemy of Kemba Walker’s knees


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This week: getting sucked into the Olympics, NBA free agency, Messi leaves town and Vale just leaves. Also: middle distance tactics, Col de Lantanaland, pointless iso’ing, free agent shenanigans, creative blocks, it was always going to end like this, pulling the receipts, the next generation of Boomers, a big week for old people, betting markets, the Lakers’ free agency, Beeso’s Westbrook hate continues unabated, Beeso’s Knicks hate continues unabated, Betty Davis eyes > Derrick Rose knees, bullish on Chicago, the rapid take economy, the Last Dance effect, Miami Avarice, Woj’s sausage, brand values, Sean Marks gets a go, the washed centre exchange programme, Pels WTF, Ball bounces, the Knicks are competent?, cheeky Nandos, Covid free agency, Beeso’s Delly hate continues unabated, Dante’s peak, podcasts are audiobooks of news stories, free to a good home, four-year group chats, Joe Ingles is expiring, turns out the Dubs prefer Iggy in that Iggy role, inexplicable Akubraing, Kawhi opt out?, the purpose of Knicks cap space, vale Vale’s MotoGP career, getting thrown down the road, transcendent GOATs, Messi contractual situations, farmers’ leagues, BeIN-sponsored retirement homes, shouts to the Tillies, remonstrating in the backline, cheap titillation, not in the mood, Brisbane’s 2032 pitch, desert-based onanism, SPOD, one-man gay wars, white-anting the Hungarian anthem, Shed-bastion Vettel, Red Bull’s decades of flute-like behaviour and the search for anyone who has played for Manly who wasn’t an objectionable human being. BALLS and tripping balls are available on their own RSS feeds, as well as being found together on Omny Studio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts (feel free to subscribe, rate and review) - and we welcome your reckons via Twitter, Facebook and email.

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