How Believing in Yourself Can Help You Grow Your Business


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[[:encoded, "What can give you the “power” to succeed? Belief. Belief in yourself. Belief in your business model. Belief that you have the skills and experience, and tenacity to propel your business products and/or services forward and achieve your dream of even greater success. \n\nYes, you need: \n1.\tResources\n2.\tConnections \n3.\tAnd Maybe Even a Little Bit of “Luck”\n\nThose tools are ideal tools in your toolbox of entrepreneurship, but even with all of those, you still need to believe that you can… and then you will! \n\nOne of the biggest differences between successful people and people who struggle is that those who are successful, believed that they were going to be a success and they moved toward goals to make it happen. \n\nHow can you believe in yourself even more? Let’s explore 6 concepts that can help you.\n\n1.\tWork on your self-confidence. Self-confidence goes a long way toward your achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you don’t have confidence in who you are and what you do, you will be set adrift at the first sign of trouble. As an entrepreneur you will be faced with a myriad of challenges, and you need to believe in yourself enough to know you can navigate the rocky water.\n2.\tWhy would anyone else believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself? There really is no reason, right? If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and know that you can be a success, you won’t be able to project that belief onto a potential client. That potential client will sense your self-doubt and in turn will worry about tying his or her business to your goods or services. \n3.\tWhen you believe in yourself you have removed an obstacle from your path. Belief in yourself is very powerful and helps you win and succeed. \n4.\tWhen you believe in yourself your positive self-talk and your positive attitude will feed upon itself. Your belief in yourself will help you project a winning attitude into every conversation you have with a potential client and with your current clients. \n5.\tYour belief in the project in front of you will motivate you to action. If you’re frozen in place because you’re not sure if what you’re trying to do will “work,” you will find and make excuses to procrastinate. A strong belief in what you’re doing will have you jumping up to take immediate action and that action will spur further action. \n6.\tYou know that even if you fail, it’s a part of the process. You also know that failure is a temporary setback. When you believe in what you’re doing and you believe in yourself, that will get you back to the drawing board. Your “failure” is nothing more than an experiment that needs to be honed and reworked. \n\nAre you looking for ways to boost your self-belief? \n\nLet me share 3 steps to help you: \n1.\tVisualize your success. When you can see that what you’re shooting for is possible and you have visualized the outcome, you will fulfill your belief that you CAN do it. \n2.\tBelieve you can. When you tell yourself, “I believe in myself. I believe in my project. I believe I can succeed.” You’re feeding your self-confidence and your beliefSupport the show

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