243 | From 6-Figure Freelancer to 7-Figure CEO, Here’s To The Next Chapter!


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After 243 episodes, The 6-Figure Freelancer podcast is coming to an end.

Manifesting your future is something that I talk about regularly, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t follow that advice myself, as I move from being a six-figure freelancer to a seven-figure CEO.

In this final episode, I want to say thank you to all of you who have listened and supported this podcast, as well as talk a little bit about why I’m ending the show and what’s next for me and my team.

“I'm sure one day I might go back and listen to all my podcast episodes, see how I've changed as a public speaker, as a podcaster, as a teacher, as someone who shares things with people. You know, it's going to be so cool to see how I've changed and how I've grown. And I'm glad that this little place on the internet can be that archive, that little memento from the time where I ran a multiple-six-figure agency.” ~ @AvaniMiriyala

Main Takeaways
  • When something is out of alignment, recognize it, and take the steps needed to fix it.
  • I’m no longer a six-figure freelancer which is why I’ve decided to end this chapter of my life.
  • Sharing is a huge part of learning. I’ve learned so much from the process of making and sharing this podcast. Every time we share something or teach something to someone else, we learn it even more, and that is a magical process.
  • As you move into different patterns of your life, it’s important to protect your energy, set boundaries, and invest in yourself so that you can show up for your team.
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