5 Live Cricket: How can we engage more people in cricket?


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Alison Mitchell and Ebony Rainford-Brent look at the accessibility of cricket, and what can be done to engage more with people from all backgrounds and whether we should be feeling optimistic, or pessimistic about the direction of travel. We chat about the challenges of finances and what needs to be done to support younger players trying to fund their youth career. Scotland international Abtaha Maqsood also joins the team to discuss cultural differences and how the game has changed since she started playing. And Ian Martin, the ECB’s head of disability cricket, explains the launch of the ECB Disability Premier League. Topics: 3:45 - Tom Brown, a researcher from Birmingham City University, on representation 14:30 - The ACE Programme 18:20 - Reporter Jamie Reid speaking to youngsters at an ACE session 21:00 - Troy Henry part of the ACE Programme 25:15 - Finances in cricket 30:30 - Abtaha Maqsood, leg spinner with Birmingham Phoenix 40:30 - Ian Martin, Head of Disability Cricket at the ECB

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