51. Bonus in English! Charles Barton about basketball and what tennis can learn from a team sport


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Today we have a very special guest, actually one of the most meritorious guests Ive had. Charles Barton was named the member of the year of Lidingö Tennisklubb 2018. Tennis is one of his biggest interests and is playing a few times a week in Gothenburg were he’s situated today after his retirement from basketball. Charles Barton, 73 years of age, is born in USA and even though basketball was his third sport he made a career as a professional player in Europé after finishing college. After a successfull playing career he continued his journey as a coach. He have been the headcoach for the Swedish national team for 8 seasons, the danish national team, different positions in Greece, Israel, German, Sweden and Cyprus and have coached both male and female players. Charles have also since 2013 arranged ”BartonClinic”, a basket clinic that have grown enormous since it started and have involved top speakers from all over the world. In this episode you will hear Charles talk about: - the culture chock he experienced when moving from Ohio to Switzerland and how he handled that with an open mindsed - how important it is to bring in experts from different fields into the team - how he have coached and handled teams with players from different parts of the world - why he think we as tennis players is working on our focus in the wrong way - why experience is the best education Hope you like this episode with and amazing and super experienced coach from the highest level of one of the biggest sport in the world. I think we can learn a lot from different sports, and basketball as a team sport is one of the fields we for sure could learn a lot from. www.tennismagasinet.se linus.eriksson@tennismagasinet.se Instagram: linus_se_eriksson & svenskatennismagasinet

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