43. Extra! In English - Diana Marcinkevica about repetition and discipline as keys to improvement


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In this episode you’ll get to know Diana Marcinkevica from Riga, Latvia. Diana is a WTA-player with a career high ranking of 196 in singles and 146 in doubles. Today she's ranked 264 in singles. She have played all the Grand Slams and at 28 years old she's chasing her dream of again compete at the highest level of tournaments. In this conversation we talk about: - how she found the love for tennis against the wall in Riga - why she don't think its the system in Latvia that have produced many top players the last couple of years - her relationship with her uncle that follows her everywhere and how important hes support have been for her career - the difference in consistency and mental strength between girls ranked 200 and 500 And much, much more! It was a very interesting conversation with Diana where she openly talked about her own tennis but also gave her feelings and thought about the life on the tour below the absolute highest level. If you want to get in touch with me: E-mail: linus.eriksson@tennismagasinet.se Instagram: linus_se_eriksson & svenskatennismagasinet Web: www.tennismagasinet.se

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