39. BONUS IN ENGLISH! Mervana Jugic Salkic about growing up in Bosnia during the war to the top 100


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In this episode we get to know Mervana Jugic Salkic, nowadays coach at Fair Play TK, but also a former professional player with a career high ranking of 99 in singles and 59 in doubles. Shes born and raised in Bosnia during the war and started playing tennis as late as at 14 years old, which makes it incredible that she reached all the way to top 100 in both singles and doubles! In this episode Mervana tells us about how it was growing up in Bosnia, her way to the professional tours, what advantages it has to be starving for more, why Swedish coaches might be too soft in their coaching styles and many, many more very interesting topics we get into in our conversation. Don't miss this super episode with a very interesting coach. If you want to reach out to me, please e-mail linus.eriksson@tennismagasinet.se. Visit www.tennismagasinet.se for more information about the magazine and please follow me on Instagram at linus_se_eriksson.

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