37. EXTRA in English! Dave Bandelin about the experience from travelling the junior world tour for over 20 years


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Today you are going to listen to Dave Bandelin, the founder of the concept EuroElite.
Dave, today over 60 years old, is well known in Sweden and all over the world after traveling on the junior world tour for many years.
Dave was born in the USA and was the Head coach at Cherry Hill Tennis in New Jersey, Wildwood Tennis Club in Ft Wayne, Indiana and then coached college tennis for eight years before moving to Sweden.
In this episode Dave tells us the story of his move from California to Sweden, how he started, developed and saw EuroElite grow into what it is today. Mostly he shares all of his experience and knowledge about junior tennis. What are the best players in the world doing? What do Scandinavian players need to improve? He speaks about the values he always tries to teach the kids, is it worth travelling further for easier ranking points, how has the coaching styles changed over the last 20 years, how has Dave modified his philosophy since he started, has money been an motivating factor for him and also, how important has Dave and EuroElite been for Swedish tennis the past 20 years?
A great listen for everyone involved in Swedish and Scandinavian tennis, but also for everyone that is interested in player development overall.
For more information about EuroElite, visit www.euroelite.info. For more information about Tennismagasinet, please visit www.tennismagasinet.seor send an e-mail to me at linus.eriksson@tennismagasinet.se. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, linus_se_eriksson, there you can see Dave answer my first five fast questions...who doesn't wanna her which tennis federation in Scandinavia he prefers…

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