We Have a Choice Each Day


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Episode 51
August 16, 2022
We Have a Choice Each Day

Through her book and through her music, Melissa Bollea Rowe is sharing personal stories and reflects on the powerful effect that the three words God, Gratitude, and Giving have on her daily life and hopes that it will offer a new perspective reminding others that we do have the choice each day as to what we put our time and energy into.

Here are some important moments with Melissa from the podcast:

At 9:51 Melissa talks about her struggles after moving to Nashville, and how she overcame it.

At 16:50 What kind of reaction do you get from people when they hear the messages in your songs?
At 23:17 Melissa talks about her song Sweet Honesty and the inspiration behind it.

Here are some ways to follow and contact Melissa:

Website: https://melissabollearowe.com

Link to buy Melissa’s book: https://amzn.to/3CghEtl

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rhymepartners

Melissa’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/melissa_bollea_rowe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhymepartners

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhymepartners

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