Why Work Issues Exist and How to Resolve Them


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Episode 47
July 19, 2022
Why Work Issues Exist and How to Resolve Them

The employer/employee relationship is crucial to the success of a business. Carrie-Lynn Hotson is an HR Specialist with 25 years of experience, and she has valuable information to help you understand why issues occur in the workplace, and how to resolve them.

Here are some important moments with Carrie-Lynn from the podcast:

At 7:53 What do you do if you have a staff of complainers that act like they really don’t want to be there?

At 11:57 What are the biggest obstacles you face when you go in to a company and work with people?

At 16:41 What do you say to the employer who doesn’t provide enough training because he’s afraid the employees will get trained and just leave?
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