527 - May BROMA (Part 1)


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In the first part of this month’s bonus ROMA (BROMA), available to everyone, I talk about a new feature to help listeners find each other. I also talk about my thoughts concerning whether we’re all in some kind of simulation, the difference between sound and music, and my personal feelings about and experience with abortion.
Part 2 (where I talked about navigating unconventional relationship structures, when to “go for it” vs. when to play it safe, and when having sex with friends is dangerous) is for paid subscribers only. Click here to access it.
Here’s the doc I mentioned about the dude living in the jungle in Hawaii.
Intro music “Brightside of the Sun,” by Basin and Range. “V Nebi,” by Dirty Losers; Outro: “Smoke Alarm,” by Carsie Blanton.
Here’s the map feature and instructions for use:
People who want to add their location on the map should use this link:
This link is for viewing only:
The map is very easy to use:
To add your location, click "add" in the upper right corner
-> click "marker"
-> click your location on the map
-> click "edit data" in the info box in the upper left corner.
- Write your name and description of yourself, don't forget to add contact info and/or social media links.
-> Done!
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