238 | Bodies In Barrels // The Horrific Snowtown Murders


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Evidence Photos @ Talkmurder.com/Snowtown-Murders
The "Snowtown" murders (also referred to as the Bodies in Barrels murders) were a shocking spree of serial murders by multiple killers. John Bunting was the mastermind behind these gruesome killings and would recruit others by his charismatic and strong hatred of pedophiles and homosexuals. Bunting, usually with the help of an accomplice named Robert Wagner, would kidnap mostly pedophiles and child molesters, torture them without mercy, murder, and then dismember the body so that it would fit in a 44 gallon barrel. In May 1999, police discovered six full barrels stuffed with rotting corpses inside an old bank vault in Snowtown Australia, which was the work of maniac John Bunting.

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