Sweconpoddar 107 – Like any other machine?


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Replicants and other artificial humans in fantastic fiction. General discussion on artificial humans in fantastic fiction, with examples. What are their unique properties? Strengths and weaknesses? Roles and rights in their respective societies? Their similarities to and differences from the ”real humans”? How can they (in fiction) tell who is a real human and who is not? How do they see their creators? And what does it mean to a human to have created a ”human”?

This panel was recorded at Swecon 2019 – Replicon in Västerås Sweden

Participants: Charlie Jane Anders, Jenny Bristle, Mattias Kuldkepp, Alex Haridi and Marcus Olausson (moderator)

The music is from Sands Of Time (Psychadelik Pedestrian) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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