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Russian hottest electronic dance music trio Swanky Tunes delivers you a weekly radio show. Thrilling 60 minutes of their biggest tracks and hottest bootlegs are waiting for you. From Russia with love!

Swanky Tunes - SHOWLAND 361

01. MAKJ + The Fish House feat. Tim Morrison - Real Life (Extended Mix)

02. Martin Jensen x Rompasso x Faulhaber - Make My Mind Go (with Jonasu) (Extended Mix)

03. Selva x MALARKEY x Boombastix - Back To You (Extended Mix)

04. Shaun Frank & Takis feat. SHELLS - Don’t Say I Love You (Extended Mix)

05. Alan Walker & Imanbek - Sweet Dreams (Extended Mix)

06. KREAM feat. Dan Caplen - Roads (Extended Mix)

07. Kryder & Natalie Shay - Rapture (Extended Mix)

08. French Braids feat. Tailor - Breathe In (Sammy Porter Extended Remix)

09. Lucas & Steve x Blackstreet - No Diggity (Nathan Dawe Extended Remix)

10. Wade - I Don't Care (Extended Mix)

11. Voost feat. KOOLKID - Taste Of Your Love (Extended Mix)

12. KURA & Vendenzo - In My House (Extended Mix)

13. SHOUSE - Love Tonight (David Guetta Extended Remix)

14. N4C - Tunnel Vision (Extended Mix)

15. Bancali - About You (Extended Mix)

16. Wh0 - I'm Coming (Extended Mix)

17. GUZ - Set U Free (Extended Vocal Mix)

18. Don Diablo & Ty Dolla $ign - Too Much To Ask (Original Mix)

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