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Russian hottest electronic dance music trio Swanky Tunes delivers you a weekly radio show. Thrilling 60 minutes of their biggest tracks and hottest bootlegs are waiting for you. From Russia with love!

Swanky Tunes - SHOWLAND 360

01. Tony Manero - My Gift (Extended Mix)

02. Plastik Funk & Inpetto - I'll Be The One (Extended Mix)

03. Aleyna Tilki - Retrograde (Galantis Remix)

04. D.O.D - Every Step (Extended Mix)

05. Costel Van Dein - Warning

06. Max Lean & Lucas Butler - Lonely (Thomas Gold Remix)

07. Julian Jordan & Teo Mandrelli feat. Jordan Grace - Shout (Extended Mix)

08. Thomas Newson feat. Limón Limón - Wild Life (Extended Mix)

09. Galoski - Casualty (Extended Mix)

10. Autograf & Win and Woo feat. SINGA - Break Me Down (Extended Mix)

11. Niiko x SWAE - Together Again (Extended Mix)

12. Calvin Harris feat. Tom Grennan - By Your Side (Extended Mix)

13. Cedric Gervais, Drax Project – Over It (Cedric Gervais vs Drax Project Extended Mix)

14. Out Of Sound x UPWARD - Sweet Like Chocolate (Ben Rainey Extended Remix)

15. Gostan feat. The Ready Set - Days Run Out (Extended Re-Edit)

16. Swanky Tunes - One Of Us

17. Coldplay - Higher Power (Tiësto Extended Remix)

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