Update: Divorce update and the control moves a narcissist will still try to play


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This episode is a continuation of my current situation on separating from my ex narcissist. This could be helpful for those going through divorce or about to be going through divorcing a narcissist. It could be especially helpful if you have children with a narcissist. Expect the unexpected and be on guard. This is a recollection of the boundaries I have continuously set as she has continuously tried to cross them and I have to keep putting her back on the other side of my boundary. This episode covers a variety of NPD traits. New treasure hunts, guilting, shaming, blame shifting, manipulating myself and the children, financial abuse, gaslighting, control, triangulation, and probably more. I hope my experiences can be useful to you and your journey freeing yourself or continuing your journey of being free. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/survivinganarcissist/support

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