Ep 87 // TWO Top Heartset and Mindset Habits to Embracing UNCOMFORTABLE Growth! Break the Emotional Rollercoaster Rooted in FEAR, to Find Courage and Freedom While Balancing Your Home and Business.


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What are you afraid of RIGHT now?

Where is the subtle fear that you are holding on to?

What are you feeling insecure about or wrestling with in your spirit as you seek to grow?

If you’re honest with yourself…there’s SOMETHING?!

Business is emotional (in case you haven’t figured that out yet) lol

And it takes SO much courage to GROW!

Life, in general, takes so. much. courage and you continually have to navigate fear, whether you realize it or not.

We are all so different in the way we naturally respond and process through this, but I will tell you that I was the fearful, cautious, uncertain little girl.

It’s naturally how I’m wired.

But my husband on the other hand…he is NOT a fearful person by nature. He’s never afraid to make hard choices or take big risks or quick decisions and he always loves a good adventure!

But here’s the point…we BOTH experience and wrestle with fear and uncertainties in our own life.

Fear is not a respecter of persons or a personality trait (so get the lies of “labels” out of your head)

It is something we ALL have to face and it is normal to experience one of the MANY emotions that stem from fear being at the root.

In the last episode we talked about the VALUE of fear and the foundational way to soothe your soul - by praying and meditating on the word of God.

Today is Part 2 of this conversation.

We’re going over my 2 Top heartset and mindset habits to embracing uncomfortable growth. Learn the ‘cycle of Surrender’ and find freedom and purpose while balancing your home and your business.

Press Play on the podcast to go over some Simple and powerful surrender driven success strategies for responding to fear!

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