Ep 86 // Business Vision Feeling Too Big? The NUMBER ONE Thing to Do when Facing Fear! 32 Powerful Bible Verses to Find Peace When You Feel Overwhelmed with the God Sized Dreams in Your Heart.


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What business are you building right now?

What organization are you developing?

What endeavor are you growing?

What are you pursuing?

Where are you pushing out of your comfort zone?

I know it’s summer, but I KNOW you’ve got SOMETHING in the works?🤔

Whatever the “thing” ….it’s not about the thing, it’s about how you’re showing up and WHO you’re becoming in the process.

My question for you today is…

What are you doing with the FEAR?

It is inevitable that anytime you are pressing into growth, you have to look fear in the eyes.

It may feel like comparison; self doubt; negative self talk; people pleasing, anxiety; imposter syndrome and feelings of not measuring up; etc.

FEAR can come packaged in so many ways, but it’s important that we are AWARE of this very REAL and Normal Thing!

I remember feeling SO much guilt and shame whenever I struggled with fear (and many of its emotional symptoms.)

I felt SO wrong and beat myself up for struggling…which only added fuel to the fire of insecurity and overwhelm.

However, I found that Fear is normal, and it’s not the enemy …but we need to know how to rise above and overcome, whenever it comes regularly knocking at our door.

This is PART 1 of this conversation and we’re going to go over the NUMBER ONE response to take, when you’re facing fear and feeling overwhelmed with the God sized Dreams in your heart.

Next episode we’ll cover 2 powerful Strategies for Success so that you can find peace and freedom again and again as you overcome your fear.

Before you go press PLAY…Did you hear the news?

Notice anything different around here?

In case you’re late to the game…this is No longer The Nourishing Mompreneur Podcast! We have a new name and fresh vision around here and it’s only getting better here on The Surrender Driven Success Podcast!

Thank you SO much for your support and for sharing The Surrender Driven Success Podcast with other business minded mamas with a heart for home and a love for Jesus!

It is an honor to serve you better and I can’t wait to grow with you on the podcast or REALLY connect with you through some Heart to Heart Coaching.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here ~Michelle

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