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This week, the Captain is back in midseason form, and just in time as Heavy Metal Queen starts out swingin'! Kylie has some fun facts ready to go straight away this time around, and by Waltz for Venus our pal Ricky D's guilty conscience is really starting to weigh on him! And finally, Josh cannot remember the name of single named thing in either of these episodes - but he does remember all the names of people he wishes to thank for their support this week, as well as the wonderful listeners who rated and reviewed our show in the month of May.

This week's Big Shouts for the Bounty Hunters: @OppUnlockedPod @NextOnStageOne @PerspectivePop @cinsoundradio @geekfreakspod @ThePanikAttack @LoadingDad @NoMoreLateFees @GreatSongPod @JFryeOfficial @MeasureTheScore @ShawnJAllred

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