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In this extra-large by necessity episode, the crew gathers in the galley to discuss the series finale of Firefly, Objects in Space. Josh realizes that he doesn't want the story to be over, and is finally brought all the way up to speed on the difference between Serenity, the pilot episode and Serenity, the movie. Kylie jumps into the Twitter waters in preparation for Season 2 of Sudden but Inevitable, and puts her finger on the worst thing Jubal Early does in this episode. And finally, fresh off his appearance on Cheapseat Reviews, Ricky D talks about feet a little bit!

Shepherds of Shine: Rosalita9899, Saxon1014, Kap_DK, CaliDali_Art, Glitter_Rock, Popdalock, NextOnStageOne

Did you know there will be more opportunities next season to become a Shepherd of Shine? There will be a new, thematically appropriate name to be handed out and the Captain's got an itchy handin' hand!

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The Ballad of Inevitability is performed by Marc Coen and a choir of rebellious angels, and that makes him mighty. The Sudden but Inevitable Rewatch is a Twist My Arm podcast.

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