Sink or Swim, una nueva leyenda de La Llorona


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Today's episode is special guest story from our friends at Girl Tales! It's written by Monet Hurst-Mendoza, features performances by Jen Anaya, Jacqueline Guillen, Annie Henk, and Benjamin Manno, and is produced by Chad Chenail and executive produced by Rebecca Cunningham.

Girl Tales is a kids' podcast of feminist fairy tales for a new generation. Damsels in distress or princesses in need of protection? Not on Girl Tales! The girls in these stories take control of their own destinies, turning your favorite fairy tales, fables, and myths into exciting new adventures. If you like this episode, you can find more Girl Tales anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Some more good news! The proceeds of this episode this month will go to supporting The Kilroys, a collective of playwrights, directors, and producers taking action to address gender parity in the performing arts field. Check them out at!

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