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What is a limiting belief?: "I'm just never going to get better."

That is what Jen Oliver used to think. It was a story loop in her head that played over and over.

Have you ever had a thought like that?

And now Jen's story is "I'm always here to grow... I know I'll be ok."

Those are two very different stories.


Jen Oliver escaped from the matrix (aka corporate America) nearly two decades ago when she moved from the California tech world to Costa Rica. She was:

  1. experiencing corporate burn out;
  2. feeling anxiousness and depression; and
  3. using alcohol as a social lubricant.

She felt like a caged animal and just wanted to run away.

"Now I run to myself... I run to that deep inner knowing" that she believes is the subconscious mind.


Before we dive deep into the rest of the episode, I have to call out that:

Jen Oliver is the reason this podcast exists!

If you have listened to Episode 1 (outlining Mae Deevy's first-time experience with hypnosis), then you are aware of how impactful Jen's work is! She was my hypnotherapist and she helped me see how powerful the mind is and that nothing was "wrong with me" as I had previously thought.

She helped me experience a depth of my subconscious that I didn't know was possible... and therefore her and I are very connected. I always experience synchronicities when I am around Jen!


Jen has explored numerous methods of personal transformation and growth, but found none as powerful and effective in creating actual daily life changes, as she experienced with hypnotherapy.

Personally, Jen has used hypnosis for:

  • managing anxiety & depressive feelings
  • supporting insomnia
  • promoting her sobriety & recovery, and
  • being able to deal with the stress of building a house in a foreign country!


But what is the difference between meditation and hypnosis? Jen explained:

  • Meditation clears everything out and access a clear state
  • Hypnosis clears the old, less-than-resourceful programming and builds back in the useful resourceful programming


Jen's first experience with hypnosis was from listening to recordings online and had such a huge shift that she leaped right into a training to learn how to "do" hypnosis.

For many, the one-on-one hypnosis sessions bring such significant change...

So what happened once she had her first tailored, private hypnosis session?


Like many of us, Jen practiced meditation, had a life coach for 3 years and went to 4-5 years of traditional talk therapy... and from all that, she saw an awareness of her issues through that work...

...but after listening to hypnosis recordings and one in-person weekend (from one of her hypnosis trainings) where she received multiple hypnotherapy sessions, she said:

"I had more transformation in those few days than I had in my whole life."


If we know anything about the healing process, it is one thing to be in a bubble and do the healing (like to heal at a retreat, for example away from home)... but it is another thing to step back out into the trigger environments or relationships and see how (or if) yours reactions shift.

Jen explained that her biggest shift was flying to NYC to work a hypnosis event table at OzzFest Festival in Central Park and absolutely nailing it!

(Because if you have ever been to Costa Rica or Central Park... then you know that these are two very different environments!)

That to her was validation of how far she had come because she was able to maintain her mindset and attitude even in the craziness of New York City.


How is it possible? According to a study shared in American Health Magazine, researchers found there was a:

  • 38% recovery rate after 600 psychoanalysis sessions (which is about 10 years of talk therapy)
  • 93% recovery rate after 6 hypnosis sessions*

(*Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice)


"I want life to get even better - and it is! - it keeps getting better."


FREE HYPNOSIS: stay through to the end for a beautiful embodiment hypnosis practice cultivating helpful, useful, positive resources


Jen Oliver works remotely with hundreds of clients from all around the globe and finds the similarities fascinating. She says, "our personal stories may be different, yet our deep embodied desire to love and be loved is Universal." Jen believes that with this loving, compassionate approach to transformation, everything is possible!


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