Faye Lawand - Release the conflict, unleash the potential - how hypnosis helps us connect with the mind and body


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Faye Lawand grew up in conflict in Lebanon. As did her parents and her grandparents. It took her decades to understand that that unresolved conflict was stored in her body and causing physical, emotional, and mental pain.

As time went on, Faye found herself constantly sick with respiratory infections, compounding depleting conditions, chronic knee pain, headaches, back…PTSD, anxiety, depression.

Shortly after turning 40, she got diagnosed with some pre-cancerous cells. She arrived at a cross points and realized she could go one of two ways. Either she can:

  1. Continue on her current path (= predictable outcome)
  2. Carve out a new path for herself

Because the truth is: Emotions (when not expressed) get locked in our nervous system and muscles in the body. Faye noted that for her, it was not surprising that with so much unresolved sadness, that it would show up in her lungs.

At some point, it has to show up…

Faye found that it is very challenging to be the way she wanted to be in life when she was experiencing chronic pain.

It took her years to realize, “Our mind lives in our body.”

The mind is always speaking to us through the body.”

In order to say alive, these stuck emotions need fuel - they need to be fed which takes energy. And so they feed off of us. This is why we feel tired, burnt out, & exhausted (vacuum law of prosperity). This is happening at a subconscious-level underneath the surface. You have to move the internal conflicts to make space for something else (aka whatever it is that we do want).

Just because you’re not aware, doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

Faye was looking for a solution that was:

  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Natural; and
  • Had no side-effects

So she ruled out surgery, medications, therapy. Which is where hypnosis came into play.

In her first hypnosis session, she was asked to go back to the source and she went back to when she was 5 years old fleeing Lebanon at 2am with her mother…

You’ll have to hear Faye tell the story for herself because it is remarkable.

Even though she had a deep hypnotic experience, she said to her friend, “This is SO B.S.! How could anything that happened 35 years ago relate to my current state?!

But as we know, what we RESIST, PERSISTS. It took Faye some time to integrate what she experienced in her session and once she did, her transformation was significant.

This podcast episode contains such a wealth of wisdom and information! Some things we discussed are:

  • Pain is a communicator
  • Our minds are sponges
  • We feed ourselves with what is around us
  • Are our [mental] stories truths?

If your story is truth, great! And if not, then you now have an internal conflict. And when you have internal conflict, then you now have a choice: continue or change?


Stay to the end for a FREE GUIDED PRACTICE to help you embody [psychologically and physiologically] a state of well-being. It is not enough to know that you are safe - it must be felt so that it can create a shift in your world. When you open your eyes, you will see the world through a new lens, feeling so well, balanced and better than you’ve felt all week.


Faye Lawand is an Internal Conflict Resolution Expert, Stress Elimination Specialist, Relaxation Coach, International Speaker, World-Class Trainer, Global Citizen and Founder of The 7-R Formula For Rapid Transformation.

She’s on a mission to reconnect busy professionals to the magic within so that they can have the health, careers and relationships they’ve always dreamed of. Her life’s work has been dedicated to developing human potential and facilitating growth. Specifically, she enjoys working with clients on Trauma Release, Burnout, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, & Depression.

Faye has coached thousands of professionals across numerous industries to resolve their internal conflicts and transform their health, career and relationships. She has been invited to share her expertise at universities, work places, wellness centers, schools, yoga studios and NGOs in several countries around the world – Bolivia, the Dutch Caribbean, Singapore, Egypt, Lebanon and New Zealand.

Faye was born in the Middle East and has lived and worked in 13 countries and she speaks 4 languages. She made New Zealand home when she married her love.


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