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Established artists in their own right, Stereojackers V Mark Loverush are already attracting a big name audience! independently the guys have remixed for the likes of BT / Nadia ali / Morgan Page and have had releases on the worlds most presigious record labels. now sees the guys join forces to work on projects for Lydia Baylis "Mirrors", 2013 remix of the Tiesto classic "Just Be" Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw / and the massive new Delerium single "Chrysalis Heart" Featuring Stef Lang, which just had a WorldWide Premier on A State Of Trance 619 (27-06-13) not to mention the A list vocalists wanting to collaborate with the duo! Artists such as Seri (fresh from her love rain down track with Markus Schulz, her new single with Guiseppe Ottaviani and 4 strings) Andrea Britton, Emma Lock, Marcia Juell and Tiff Lacey are just some of the confirmed collabs coming soon for the Stereojackers V Mark Loverush debut album! Stereojackers gainied massive success from his release on newstate (Maelstrom records) with Offshore and various compilations such as Godskitchen and Atb sunset sessions and also officially remixing for BT... Mark Loverush brings massive sucsess from his official remixes for Andian (featured on ferry corstens "Once Upon A Night Vol 3") his No.1 collaboration with Bryan Adams - Tonight in Babylon and No.1 Record of 2011 (Music Week) Mory Kante's "Yeke Yeke" and his remix work for Morgan Page & Nadia Ali, JES, Kylie and Moby. The guys philosophy is too work hard play hard and to always treat their fans, thus regularly releasing free tracks such as ATB "9pm (Til I Come)" and BT's "Force Of Gravity" remixes! currently working on their first album, its hard to not get excited! the industry is and the results so far are outstanding! Chris Neill is an award-winning multi-instrumental performer and songwriter, who brings a diverse range of musical styles and influences to the project.

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