Tallia Deljou on Finding What Makes Work + Life Meaningful and Fulfilling


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Tallia and I agree...We both advocate for the creation of a fulfilled life and it is a personal quest and a responsibility we have both chosen to take on for others to experience as well. Tallia Deljou and I discuss what it means to make the most of our experiences and to find meaning in both our work and life. In this episode Tallia shares her insight on why the life of an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Tallia acknowledges while Mavenly + Co has done well in three short years, there are no overnight successes. Instead she believes what each of us are doing now, as entrepreneurs, we've spent our whole lives learning and experiencing things that led us right where we are. As a positive organizational psychologist + co-founder and President of Mavenly + Co., Tallia and her co-founder Kate offer resources and coaching programs for professional women to design a career and lifestyle with purpose. Mavenly + Co is hosing their first Women, Work & Worth Conference in Atlanta, GA on July 28, 2018. Be sure to register to attend. Enjoy the show! Connect with Tallia @talliadeljou and Charlene @ceocharlene on Instagram.

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