Sheffie Robinson on the Smoke & Mirrors in Tech, Myths & The State of The Black Tech Ecosystem


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In this spirited episode Charlene speaks with tech veteran entrepreneur & founder, Sheffie Robinson about how to easily create your MVP, minimum viable product, teaching the lean startup method and the value of being a self-taught developer. We also take a deep dive into the shortcomings of supposed diversity and inclusion in the technology space. Sheffie speaks candidly on her thoughts about the state of the black tech ecosystem making an impassioned plea for all parties to connect more intentionally and often. Sheffie encourages us to do more work directly with small minority startups instead of ONLY choosing the Big tech silicon valley brands. An interesting admission from Sheffie is her wish to have failed far more than she did early on by taking far more calculated risks in spite of her fears of starting as a women in tech, an industry dominated by men.

Sheffie gives props to tech titans UrbanGeekz, ThePLUG, Blavity, the Atlanta Black Tech ecosystem, Technologists of Color, Goodie Nation, Digital Undivided, Batunium Labs and Ascend 2020. Sheffie currently serves as founder & CEO of Touco Direct, managing director of Founder Institute, Atlanta Chapter along with founder and mentor of Bantunium Labs. You can connect with Sheffie on IG @SheffieRobinson or Twitter @SheffieCochran and Charlene @ceocharlene.

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