Portia Twidt on Creating Space for Yourself as Mom, Wife + CEO


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Can we talk about the myriad of rewarding and challenging issues all entrepreneurs (aspiring, new and established) are faced with? At the top of the list are self care, creating time for yourself, being present as a mother and wife, bouts of self doubt and depression, the joys of being in control of your own time, addressing issues for your clients. LaBlaq Creativ CEO, Portia Twidt, and I speak on all of these issues along with her epiphany that taking an "L" doesn't mean taking a LOSS but taking a LESSON. Portia emphatically refuses to have to be just mom but shares how we should all strive to be all of the many components that make up who we individually are. Connect with Portia on IG, FB or Twitter @LaBlaqCreativ and Charlene @CEOCharlene

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