Kate Gremillion on Work that Makes You Happy and Mission Driven Co-Founder Trust


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Charlene talks with fellow podcaster, Mavenly + Co. founder and CEO, Kate Gremillion about how her happy life is a direct reflection of the work she does supporting women and our professional goals. While she did not set out on a quest to start her own business, her stable corporate high-rise PR job just wasn’t enough to satisfy her need to contribute at a much higher level. Kate shares how she manages to work happy while strategically surrounding herself with subject matter experts smarter than her in their chosen field. Kate admits her transition wasn’t a clean break but a series of smart intentional actions that included having a savings fund to carry her through her transition, doing work for other entrepreneurs around in areas that would be excellent on-the-job training for what would come to be Mavenly + Co. Kate asserts finding the right mission driven partner that is the ying to her yang with trust and empathy at the forefront of their working relationship has proven to be just what she needed. Keep an ear out for Kate's business book recommendation for entrepreneurs at every level. Connect with Kate @KateGremillion or @MavenlyCo on Instagram and Charlene @CEOCharlene

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