Jenn Downs on UX Design and Becoming a Tech Angel Warrior for Non-profit Organizations


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Charlene discusses what the eventual and new entrepreneur should know about UX (user experience) design and the customer experience withUX Designer, Jenn Downs. Downs is also founder of Atlanta Tech Citizens. Listen for the organizations Jenn feels is getting UX right. Jenn proclaims her entry to technology with the then small startup, #Mailchimp helped her find the career she didn't know she would love. To further her efforts in technology Jenn founded Atlanta Tech Citizens to help non profit organizations with tech related issues allowing these organizations to become more productive and function better to serve their communities. Aside from her love of technology, Jenn is also an indie rock band member who plays the drums and bass guitar. ROCK ON! Take a listen and connect with Jenn on Instagram and Twitter @BeParticular

Find me @CEOCharlene. NOTE: This episode has an accompanying simplified UX Infographic on our FREE TOOLS + RESOURCES page. Download it today.

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