Evonya Easley on Transitioning from Finance to Fashion and What Becoming Boss Really Looks Like


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The world of fashion looks glamorous but the road to becoming a part of the fashion industry isn't necessarily paved with glitter and gold. Fashion style + tech entrepreneur, Evonya Easley of Love E Fashion takes openly with Charlene about transitioning from an employment background in finance to becoming an entrepreneur. What will strike you from the onset of this interview is Evonya's unyielding hustle and commitment to believing she can and she will. During our conversation Evonya shares the realities of building a life you love with specific incidents of overcoming hardships and enjoying the fruits of her labor. Post divorce Evonya uses her desire to exhibit the attributes of a strong mother as a source of inspiration to not give up. Evonya cites her background in finance along with implementing systems, processes, reading and a great network of friends and women in business as important factors to getting to the next level as a fashion entrepreneur. Evonya's current idea of self care includes traveling the world, frugally and a few books that have proven to inform her entrepreneur journey in a big way. Connect with Evonya on Intsagram @loveevonya, Twitter @LoveE79 and Charlene @CEOCharlene.

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