Ebony Campbell from Self Taught to Professional Beauty Maven, Before YouTube & Instagram


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Ebony Campbell is a professional certified makeup artist and fine arts photographer. We talk about the ingenuity and gumption of taking ownership of and solving your own problems as an emerging side hustler and entrepreneur. In this fun free spirited chat we cover several topics including how creating a solution for yourself can become your entry point to a profitable income stream, creating your own apprenticeship by simply asking for the opportunity to learn, how the library and books were her greatest resource, not the Internet, to connect with professionals in the beauty industry, her sacrifice and hustle of taking Greyhound in between work hours, traveling to different cities just to work for free because she knew she would make it work to her good. Ebony also discussed the evolution of the beauty industry for darker toned #womenofcolor, learning from drag queens, rising above slander, trusting God and much more, if that's possible.

Connect with Ebony on Facebook + Instagram @EbonyCampbellBeauty and me @ceocharlene

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