Stefanie Jewett Wants Eventual Entrepreneurs to Just START


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Tech entrepreneur Stefanie Jewett, is the founder of the Activvely App & Startup Sisters USA. After meeting Stefanie at her first Startup Sisters event in Atlanta, she has proven to be a genuine supporter of women collaborating, more than willing to use her platform to give other women a voice. In today’s episode, Stefanie and I talk about the 'if you build it they will come' myth, the importance of finding a tribe to connect with, women in tech, it’s lack of diversity and the men who support them. Additionally listening to your positive inner self when it’s time for you to start and four people who have either mentored her, supported her or inspired her in her entrepreneur journey that you and I should make it a point to connect are each topics we discuss. Connect with Stefanie on IG @Stefanie_juju and @Activelyapp on Twitter at @StefanieJewett and Charlene @ceocharlene

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