Michigan Wolverines Season Preview | The College Football Experience (Ep. 729)


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The College Football Experience (@TCEonSGPN) on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network continues its 130 college football team preview series with the Michigan Wolverines. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) and Patty C (@PattyC831) dive into what happened last season in Ann Arbor and touch base on how Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan Wolverines will look this fall. Is Michigan due for a big rebound year? Is this the year that Jim Harbaugh beats Ohio State? Who starts at quarterback for the Wolverines? Was replacing Don Brown a good thing? Is this the year Josh Gattis gets the Michigan offense rolling? Are the Wolverines and their schedule a bit too much for a great season? We talk it all on this special Michigan Wolverine edition of The College Football Experience.

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