Miriam Haley: It takes an enormous amount of courage to speak out


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Miriam Haley was one of the main witnesses in the trial against the film producer Harvey Weinstein. She has worked in the film industry in London.
A change reflected in a court of law In this episode, of the Swedish Radio show Sommar, Miriam Haley is talking about the exhausting process during the trial against Harvey Weinstein, which ended with a 23 years sentence in prison. Haley is talking about the existing ideas in the society how one thinks a victim should act after an abusive act. She says that many people try to forget the trauma in fear of not being trusted. However we are all responsible for changing our culture to create a safer environment for victims to speak out in, she says. About Miriam Haley Producer, 43 years old. Born in Helsinki, Finland. Brought up in Stockholm, Sweden and has lived in Mexico and London, UK. Star witness in the trial against the film producer Harvey Weinstein. The many accusations against Harvey Weinstein were the beginning of the MeToo movement. She has worked in the film industry in London and as a production assistant for the TV show Project Runway in New York. Today she is a producer in the advertising industry. Summer is a very well known radio show where a person is given free hands to speak about whatever they want and play whatever music they like. Producer for this episode: Emilie Svensson Publisher for this episode: Louise Welander

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