The Bowraville Murders


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  • Hi Guys, thanks for listening
  • This week the Steph is covering the terrible murders in a small town in NSW, known as the Bowraville murders.
  • This story is about three aboriginal children that went missing over a 5 month period.
  • Two of their bodies were found with headwounds and the Third, was never found.
  • · The first victim, was 16-year-old Colleen Walker Craig
    · She was last seen alive on 13 September 1990,
    · articles of her clothing were later found weighed down by rocks in the Nambucca River.
    · On 4 October 1990, Walker's cousin, four-year-old Evelyn Greenup, disappeared after a party at her grandmother's house.
    · She was last seen by her mother as she was put to bed sometime during the night, but was gone by next morning.·
    · On 27 April 1991, Greenup's skeletal remains were found in bushland near Congarinni Road.
    · On 31 January 1991,
    · 16-year-old Clinton Speedy-Duroux went missing after a party at The Mission.
    · He was last known to have stayed with his girlfriend in a yellow Viscount caravan used by the suspect on the morning of 1 February
  • The suspect, known as the King on the mission has been tried and acquitted.
  • and the community are still fighting to have him retried.
  • If you have any information please call 1800 333 000.
  • listen to all of the facts and make up your own minds.
  • have a listen to this sad tale and have your tissues ready.
  • Please take care and stay safe, Love Steph and Kim xx

Photographs and additional reading.

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