SNS/SHOF Finance Panel: Corporate Finance in a Low Interest Rate Environment


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Low interest rates have consequences for the cost of making investments, the return on savings, the profitability of financial corporations and many other aspects of financial activity. One area that is sensitive to the level of rates is the design of lending contracts. Studies by Professor Michael Roberts, Wharton University, show that different features of lending contracts, such as spreads over reference rates, interest rate floors, maturities and others are different in a low rate environment compared to a high rate.


Michael Roberts, professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Henrik Braconier, Chief Economist, Economic Analysis, Finansinspektionen

Helena Nordberg, Fixed Income Manager, Svenskt Näringsliv

The meeting is held in English and is moderated by Pehr Wissén, Professor Emeritus of Practice, Swedish House of Finance.

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