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Ever wondered how a doorknob designer ended up at a boot designer at Thirtytwo? Well, the answer is right behind that PLAY button! We get pretty geeky in this one but if your in to your products and enjoy getting nerdy as much as me and James do, this ones for you! We do touch on a lot of Thirtytwo related subjects for obvious reasons, we talk about how James landed at Sole Tech, some 32 history, iconic boots, team chatter and of course, whats going on at 32 at the moment and plans for the future! Thank you James for taking the time out of you busy schedule to sit down with me to geek out on boots! Enjoy! (PS. we do get a quick visit by the 32 sales manager Ryan as well, which in truth I tried to edit out, but it just sounded strange, so its still in there, deal with it!)

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