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“I kept seeing pieces with this name at the top… I wasn’t looking for him, he was almost looking for me.” This week on Snap, Nicholas McCarthy immerses himself in left-hand only piano compositions and gets lost in the world of Wittgenstein.

Huge thanks to, Nicholas McCarthy, for sharing his story with Snap!

Nicholas is the first and only left-hand alone pianist to have graduated from London’s Royal College of Music in it’s 140 year history. He’s since gone on to tour internationally and has recorded two studio albums. Learn more about his career and music on his website or follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This story was a collaboration with our friends Ilena Peng and Brendan Spiegel at Narratively. You can find more amazing storytelling celebrating the diversity of humanity at

This piece featured home and studio recordings by Nicholas McCarthy, as well as additional scoring by Dirk Schwarzhoff.

It was produced by David Exumé and Bo Walsh. Engineering and additional music by Doug Stuart. Artwork by Teo Ducot.

Season 13 - Episode 40

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