Podcast #166 - Live From PAX Unplugged! (Part 2)


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In this admirably 166th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, we’re BACK at PAX Unplugged! Even though it was multiple weeks ago, we’ve brought the past into the present through the media of recording - which we, of course, invented. From the heady heights of Himmelsstürmer to the sandy shores of Strand Unter - the twisty time travelling of That Time You Killed Me to the dastardlly Doodle Dash… we’re talking about a lot of games! Ducks In Tow, Biblios: Quill and Parchement and Scape Goat all get to stick their respective oars in, before tying everything up in a trio of trick takers. What a treat!

We’ll be back to the normal podcast schedule very soon!

Have a lovely weekend, folks!


02:19 - Himmelsstürmer

07:45 - That Time You Killed Me

12:55 - Ducks In Tow

19:41 - Strand Unter

25:01 - Scape Goat

30:45 - Doodle Dash

37:58 - Biblios: Quill & Parchment

43:35 - Cat In A Box

45:34 - R-ECO

47:26 - Wind The Film

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