How To Break Free From Codependency For Damn Good With Contagious Love Author, Carla Romo


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Today's guest is Carla Romo, and she's the author of the book Contagious Love, Break Free from Codependency for Damn Good, A book for women going through heartbreak. Carla is a firm believer in, failing to succeed, and in this episode, Carla shares how she held herself back from living her best life and was afraid of healthy relationships. How over and over she picked the wrong guys, then things would become toxic, yet she missed the lesson. Until one day, it all changed, and she realized she was exactly where she was supposed to be. We'll discuss why self-love is the foundation of successful relationships and how to ditch codependency, feeling bad about yourself while believing and investing in yourself.

Carla Romo is an author and certified dating & relationship coach. She's the co-host of the podcast The Love Fix with Sherry Gaba. Carla is a nationwide speaker and leads workshops that inspire self-love regardless of your relationship status. Carla has been featured on BRAVO, also in Cosmopolitan, Lifetime, and the Knot. Melissa Hobley, the Global CMO at Ok Cupid, sings her praise and said her book Contagious Love, is relatable, inspiring, and the perfect guide to self-love and self-worth.
Kerry Brett and Carlo Romo cover a lot of ground. Topics include:
What's the definition of a codependent relationship?
How do you know if you are codependent? What are the signs?
How to build successful intimate relationships?
How to communicate like a boss?
How to spot the red flags in relationships?
How to create relationship boundaries?
How to cultivate contagious self-love?
Carla’s advice for women who are afraid to leave a relationship that’s not working for them.
How to recognize your self-worth.
How to stop using the past to predict your future.
How to quit second-guessing your gut, your gut is your inner knowing in guide.
Carla’s golden rule for cultivating self-love.
Why boundaries will keep you afloat when you're not getting what you want in a relationship?
How to find the courage to be a confident warrior.
Carla’s advice for avoiding making mistakes online.

To find out more about Carla Romo, you can follow on Instagram @iamcarlaromo, or go to her website at You can purchase her book Contagious Love on her website or on Amazon.

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