How To Be Dealt A Winning Hand In Love With A Full Deck Author, Kevin McLemore


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Today's guest is Kevin McLemore, and he's a podcast host, fitness trainer, and the author of the new book Dating with a Full Deck. In this week's episode, Kevin shares his relationship experience, lessons he's learned through marriage, divorce, and dating, and why you need to be honest with yourself before bringing others into your life. Kevin will discuss why we need to take responsibility for our actions because we have choices and chances in life. It's what you make of those opportunities that matter. We talk about how dreams become realities when you align perfectly behind them, how to become the hero of your journey to love and why you need to come into dating with a full deck.

Kevin McLemore is a strength and endurance is coach, track and field coach, marketing specialist, trainer to Ironman athletes, and three Squash World Champions. He's also a television spokesperson. Through the power of story, Kevin is an inspirational speaker encouraging others to reach personal growth. He wants to help continue to improve other people's lives, like his mentor, the famed motivational speaker Les Brown. He's a social activist, Founder of RMK Productions 10 United Podcast Network, co-hosting podcasts such as Talking "Wit" Kevin and Son, Story Time and Wine, and One Queen Two Kings. He's previously published three books, Letters to Elvis, Sprinkles the True Spirit of Christmas and The Indispensable Game of X's and O's, How I learned Everything I'd Ever Need To Know About by Playing High School Football.

Today Shot@Love dive's into Dating with a Full Deck, a book that provides a tangible set of tools, that if applied to your interactions, will lead to the kind of conversations that will allow you to figure out if someone is compatible or not. This book also comes with a deck of cards that act as a conversation started that will leave you laughing and learning an awful lot about the other person setting you up for success when dating.
Kerry Brett and Kevin McLemore cover a lot of ground topics include:
We have choices and chances in life, and it's what we do with those opportunities matters.
When dating, approach conversations authentically and genuinely.
Why do most people screw up on the first date?
Don't complicate your life by trying to be someone that you're not.
Why it's so important just to be yourself when dating.
Don't go looking for a person that will become your loan officer, bodyguard, babysitter, trophy, chef, or maid. If that's your aim, you'll only be left feeling empty in the end.
Develop what's inside, develop your character, and everything will fall into place.
Life gives you two choices, stay down or get up.
Be honest with yourself before you bring someone else into your life. The truth will set you free.
Do not wish for what you're not willing to work for.
To find out more about Kevin McLemore, go to Follow Kevin McLemore on Clubhouse, Instagram @pkmclemore. Listen to his podcasts Talking Wit Kevin and Son, Story and Wine, and One Queen Two Kings.

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