8: IAN RANKIN - Multi million selling crime writer, talks panic attacks, growing up in tough gangs, secret diaries, family tragedy. How three things saved him from veering off the cliff.


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Ian Rankin spills the beans about his mental health and allows us to see behind the creator of those 23 Inspector Rebus crime novels. Born on the tough side of Fife, he came up the hard way but credits his elder sister for encouraging him to write his thoughts into diaries. To understand him, you need to know that Edinburgh is his capital, and since 1986 he has had the same bride. That he was a member of two punk rock bands called The Dancing Pigs and the New Germs. Proud father of two sons, His rise to fame has not been an easy ride. His seriously ill son and financial insecurity triggered many terrifying dark nights of the soul. Now a wealthy man, he sticks to his mates, still supports old musical guns such as The Who but also much lesser-known unfashionable acts like Alex Harvey and Jackie Leven. His choice of lifejackets is loyal and eclectic. From Blackadder to Brian Eno's Music for Airports.
Which book has Ian Rankin read over 20 times? Special outtake :-

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