How to Set Boundaries and Avoid Burnout (Ft. Melissa Lin)


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If you’re a high achiever with big goals, dreams, and ambitions, or if you have a big heart for helping others, chances are you’ve felt completely burnt out at one point in your life.

Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling unmotivated in the morning or exhausted throughout the day. Maybe you’ve started to realize that your work follows you home and you haven’t been able to truly relax and enjoy your family time.

In today’s episode, Jordan talks with business coach and podcast host Melissa Lin to dig into practical steps you can take today to avoid burnout and prioritize what (and who) matters most.

Tune in to learn:

  • The top signs that you’re experiencing burnout
  • When hustle is good and when it’s bad
  • Practical boundaries to set to avoid burnout
  • How to prioritize what matters most in your life
  • Why slowing down doesn’t mean going backwards

To learn more about Melissa Lin, visit her on Instagram @themelissalin.

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