How to Navigate Other People's Opinions


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Have you ever had someone tell you to just stop caring what other people think? 🙋‍♀️ Maybe they told you to go for your dreams and ignore other people’s comments, advice, or opinions.

While there is some truth to that advice, it can make people think that NO opinions matter. Instead of not caring what ANYONE thinks, we should learn to care about what the RIGHT people think.

In this episode of the SHE podcast, Jordan takes a look at how to navigate other people’s opinions in a healthy way and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about your goal or dream.

Consider this your reminder to stop worrying about what everyone and their mother thinks and instead focus on leaning into what the right people think.

Grab those headphones and hit play to learn:

  • Why the advice to “not worry about what others think” isn’t always helpful
  • How to determine whose advice you should listen to
  • Ways to navigate other people’s opinions in a healthy way
  • How to have healthy conversations when your opinions differ

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