How to Make Your Own Non-Toxic Products


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Have ya ever heard someone talk about making their own non-toxic products and think, “That sounds a little hippy-ish”?

Or maybe you want to start using cleaner products, but want to be able to make some at home so you can save money (and set it aside for other things).

On today’s episode, Jordan is sharing why she makes some of her own products (even though she used to roll her eyes at it), how it can help your health, and how to make your own products using crazy easy recipes and ingredients.

This episode is full of easy steps and practical tips. So go ahead, get some gal pals together, and tune in to learn:

✨ What greenwashing is and how to avoid it

✨ How toxins in products can affect your health

✨ How we can be a steward of our bodies and homes

✨ Two simple recipes for making hand soap and cleaner

P.S. Want to create your own products? Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Fill ¾ of the container with Castille soap
  2. Add in 4-6 drops of Thieves essential oil
  3. Add in 3-5 drops of lemon or orange essential oil (optional)
  4. Add a few drops of Vitamin E oil
  5. Fill remaining ¼ container with water
  6. Wipe off container and add a label


  1. Fill ¾ of the container with water
  2. Add in 3-4 drops of Thieves essential oil
  3. Fill remaining ¼ of the container with white vinegar and shake
  4. Wipe off container and add a label

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