How to Create a Welcoming Home (Ft. Myquillin Smith)


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Have you ever settled in to watch your favorite HGTV show only to find yourself comparing your home decor to Joanna Gaines’ designs?

Maybe you want to create a beautiful home to share with loved ones, but there’s too much pressure and not enough space or money.

In today’s episode, Jordan talks with author Myquillyn Smith, AKA The Nester, to talk about how to see your home’s hidden potential and create beautiful, functional spaces that serve others - imperfections and all.

Tune in to this episode to learn:

  • Why it’s important to embrace your home’s imperfections
  • What hospitality really looks like
  • The exact steps to take when designing a room
  • How to host with a small space
  • Ways to decorate your home on a budget
  • How to decorate seasonally without being overwhelmed

Want to hear more from Myquillyn? Visit her website,, for blog posts, books, and workshops.

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