How to Prioritize Your Mental Health in an Anxious World (Ft. Jamie Grace)


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In a busy world where we’re constantly pushed to do more and achieve more, finding space and margin in our lives (to focus on the most important things and to steward our own mental health) can be pretty difficult.

Sometimes there’s so much noise around us that the thought of finding quiet in the noise seems... well, pretty much impossible.

In today’s episode, Jordan talks with Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and actress Jamie Grace to talk about what it looks like to create margin in your life and how you can support loved ones who are struggling with a mental health diagnosis.

If you or someone you know is walking through grief, anxiety, or depression - or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed by all the noise in your life, this episode will give you some practical steps you can take.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to validate and process your emotions without feeling guilty
  • Why community is essential for mental health
  • Practical things you can do to support someone with a mental health diagnosis
  • Ways you can find some quiet in the middle of the busyness

To learn more about Jamie Grace, head over to her Instagram page @jamiegraceh.

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